As we get older and our health declines it is important that we take the time to really understand and manage our medications.  To help us do this incorporating software for pharmacies to keep track of it for us is a great start, however, you really want to take advantage of what it is you need yourself.

Write it down

Write down your medications, the doses, start dates, end dates and how it is to be used.  When you write something down we are committing it to memory.  Also, it will be something that we can use as a reference if we need to change or modify our medications or if we need to have a written record.  Software is great, however, for the common user writing it down is simpler.

software for pharmacies

Monitor its effectiveness

Medication will take time to enter your system.  This is why it is important to allow it to do what it is intended to do.  However, as it begins to work start to write down and keep track of your actions and reactions.  It is a good idea to write down feelings, both emotionally and physically and more.  When we do this, we can reflect on it to remember what to expect if we need to change medications as well as give our doctors and other healthcare professionals a timeline of the medication on our systems.

Count your pills

Keeping track of your medication is key.  When you get pills of certain medications people may want to use and abuse them.  When you get your pills make sure to count them to ensure that you have the correct initial number of pills.  From there keep track of when you take them and a running number.  Do random checks on your pills.  When you do this randomly people won’t know if you have a number or not and it will deter them from taking them.