One question asked is whether dental implants will be a right fit. Unfortunately, not everyone will be eligible for the wearing of state of the art dental implants. The dentist’s diagnosis first has to determine if the patient’s jawbone has grown to full capacity and that his or her oral tissue is in generally good health. If this is not the case and severe damage across the board has already occurred, then due consideration will have to be given to customized dentures.

Candidates for dental implants austin work will have incurred the loss of teeth owing to decay or accident. Tooth and gum decay could have set in not due to neglect but through the natural attrition that ageing brings. Those who could not make the cut, need not feel left out and disappointed because today’s custom dentures are a far cry from those that their grandparents would have worn back in the day.

The new dentures will not be nearly as uncomfortable, noisy and awkward as those that they have come to replace. They will also look and feel as close to the real thing as possible. But they will still not be anywhere close to perfect as would be the case with today’s advanced dental implants. No matter how advanced the techniques and its associated technologies and materials, the process of building and installing dental implants could take several months.

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This is mainly because there will be a necessary growth and healing process. For instance, in the case of having to remove teeth, a healing period of close to a year is not unknown. This all depends on the patient’s unique oral and dental condition. During the healing process, gum tissue will be altered and there will be a tendency for it to shrink.