Registered, qualified, experienced and practicing psychiatrists, as well as clinical psychologists, would not be unfamiliar with this sage advice. Do not worry about those things in life over which you really have no control. Rather concern yourself over matters well within your capabilities to affect. And yet so many people, no matter who they are, do not always realise what they are capable of. It is left to the psychiatric services winter park network to guide them.

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It may be ironic to note that people faced with such dilemmas in life are often those who are perceived to be mentally stable and physically able, quite secure in their lives, and basically able to lead what can only be classed as a normal life. Those who do feel far less secure in life should, as a matter of motivation, ask themselves this question. Why be normal. And in any case, there’s qualified counsellors on hand to assist those who feel as though they have fallen off the beaten track and do not know how to get back on it again.

As the poetic saying goes; life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. And when life does happen, sometimes the most stable person in the neighbourhood is unable to cope. And when that happens, he should never be ashamed to call for help. Speaking out at the best of times can be difficult. But while a clinical psychiatrist will not necessarily be dragging it out, what’s been bothering the patient lately, he does have that subtle art of asking questions and listening intently.

You’d be surprised at what could be achieved when a patient becomes aware that his counsellor is showing a serious interest in his life.