Colorectal cancer is the third most common type of cancer in the world. It affects both men and women, although is more common in men. Around 140,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every year. Most people who are diagnosed with early-stage colorectal cancer can use a charleston sc colorectal surgery as a course of treatment.

How Does Colorectal Surgery Benefit Cancer Patients?

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Colorectal surgery removes the tumor from the body. It is sometimes used in combination with chemotherapy and radiation, but not in every case. Once your doctor makes a colorectal cancer diagnosis, he’ll discuss the treatment options with you, including surgery. Although you can opt out of surgery, doing so is a major risk.

Types of Surgeries for Colorectal Cancer

Several types of colorectal cancer surgeries exist. Your doctor will discuss the types of surgeries and decide which is best suited for your needs based on the specifics of your condition. Most types of surgeries are successful for the patient. Sometimes a second or third surgery/treatment is necessary, however.

Colorectal Surgery Risks

Every surgery comes with some risks. Your doctor will evaluate your medical history and use other information to help keep you safe and reduce the risks. You can also ensure that you follow all of his care instructions to better protect yourself. Among the risks of colorectal surgery include:

·    Infection

·    Blood loss

·    Complications after surgery

This is not a complete list of risks associated with the surgery, but a few of the most common.

Most people successfully undergo colorectal surgery and go on to live full, enjoyable lives. There’s always worry when you are going under the knife. Talk to your doctor about the concerns and ask lots of questions, be sure to take along a spouse or family member to ease some of the stress and worry associated with the procedure.